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Without a the Best Gaming Laptop playing is only half as much fun and the performance decreases. If you have only played on a gaming PC or weak laptop, you will appreciate playing on a gaming laptop. But how can you find the right one with such a large choise of gaming notebooks? We help you to find the current top models and the Best Gaming Laptop of their price categories so it will be at the sam time a Cheap Gaming Laptop. This guide gets updated monthly by our experts.

On this Homepage you’ll even find some advice for the best Gaming Laptop as well as Office Laptops and Cheap Gaming Laptop. So you can easily compare many models with each other.

In addition to all these laptops, you will also find a detailed laptop sales consultant at the bottom of this website. There we explain to you exactly what you should pay attention when buying a new laptop.

As a consumer portal, we have already taken over a large part of the work and, with the help of existing reviews, created an overview of different and Cheap Gaming Laptop. Keep in mind that you should read through our brief guide completely to avoid erroneous purchases.

Would you like to buy a new Gaming Laptop for your Games? But you do not know exactly what you have to look out for, and which components are particularly important to enjoy a smooth gameplay experience in a great graphic quality?

Best Gaming LaptopLaptop Comparison No Problem! We not only tell you what to look for when buying a new Gaming Laptop, we also give you tips and tricks as well as advices for you. In addition, we advise you based on our reviews in the question, where you can buy the best Gaming Laptop and a Cheap Gaming Laptop at the sam time.

While in the past only stationary Desktop PC’s had the capability to play modern games in good quality and without jerks, laptops have now also grown into Gaming Devices. In the meantime, there are even insanely fast SSD hard disks, which accelerate both the starting and all the applications of the Gaming Laptop, including the storage of data.

The best Gaming Laptops are now also very powerful and offer due to the continuous development of the hardware components performance data, which before even desktop PC’s could only dream from.

At the same time, Gaming Laptops have a decisive advantage for gamers: they are mobile. So if you are regularly on LAN parties and play with friends, it’s hardly to come of a Gaming Laptop around. Whoever wants to drag the desktop PC together with the Display, keyboard and co. After all, a modern Gaming Laptop is enough.

However, even with these devices, there are quite decisive differences, as many Gaming Laptop Reviews prove. In addition, you will also find some interesting tips and tips about the best Gaming Laptop, so you know what is important for buying a Cheap Gaming Laptop.

Important components for the best Gaming Laptop

gaming laptop reviewWhether a laptop qualifies as a suitable device for one of the best Gaming Laptop depends, of course of the installed parts in it – the hardware. Because modern games such as CounterStrike, the Call of Duty series or League of Legends are constantly struggling with higher demands on a PC or laptop with new features and better graphics.

Nearly realistic graphics, what should suppose to flicker in the highest Frame rate over the Display, requires a lot of Computing power. This is not only true for classic desktop PCs, also for Gaming Laptops. Therefore, you should pay attention that your wish device meets the high demands of today’s games.

When buying a device from our Website, its guaranteed that this is the case and you can still compete in one to two years.


The CPU processor is almost the heart of any computer. If you want to get a powerful gaming laptop, you should pay attention that a processor with 4 cores is installed. This could be seen in the name “Quadcore”.

Office Notebook Test

For the best Gaming Laptop , we recommend to an i7 processor from Intel, e.g. A 6700HQ. You should also pay attention to the clock speed of the processor. Its recommended to use a clock speed rate of at least 2.5 GHz to play the latest games.

Modern processors from Intel also have a graphics unit on board, but this is by far not enough for the requirements of today’s games. This is why we are coming to the next part of our Gaming Laptop Review …

Graphic Card

As the Name suggests, this part provides for graphics output on the Display. In addition to the processor, it is the most important part of a device what make out the best Gaming Laptop. In contrast to an office PC you should not save money in any case, we recommend invest in high-end solutions for the best Gaming Laptop.

Gaming Laptop kaufenAs Our Gaming Laptop Reviews Show, the Price of the graphics card could be up to a quarter of the total price of the entire Gaming Laptop. Because modern games have enormous demands on the computing power of the graphics card, to calculate millions of polygons and pixels per second quickly and without jerks. So we recommend even when you want buy a Cheap Gaming Laptop pay attention that the Graphic Card is strong enough.

A small jerk at the Frame Rate can make the difference between victory and defeat in the decisive duel of an online shooter.

Also a graphics card has (like the computer) a working memory. This graphics card’s own RAM should at least be 4GB in size. It is also important that DirectX, which is currently available in version 11 is supported. However, all graphics cards from the best gaming laptop reviews do this problem-free and without exception.


We had just mentioned it in the context of the graphics card in our gaming laptop guide. Now it is not the RAM of the graphics solution, but the entire Laptop.

Laptop RamLaptop RAM stands for Random Access Memory and is practically the cache of the computer or laptop. The current version is the DDR4 RAM, but also DDR3 RAM may still be enough some situations and constellations.

Most reviews recommend a memory of 6 to 8 GB size. Theoretically, even more is possible. This does not make a big difference or sense for gaming. Here you should avoid superfluous expenditure so you can spend more money for the graphics card and you will have a Cheap Gaming Laptop with the best features.

SSD / Hard Disk

The installation of an SSD offers a favorable and gladly taken performance increase for the Best Gaming laptops. Instead of the old HDD hard drives a modern SSD will be installed, which due to the missing mechanics of a classic HDD works much faster. Unfortunately, SSDs are still quite expensive in presentable sizes. So probaply if you buy a Cheap Gaming Laptop it will not include an SSD.

Here is a healthy average measure from enough space and budget very important. On a SSD installed games bring, as Buy Laptopmany Gaming Laptop reviews show, while the gameplay does not have a great improvement for Frame rate and Co. but For the game load between the levels and at the start it is much faster.

In desktop PCs, it is common to use an SSD for the operating system and an HDD as a mass storage device. This is also happening in some laptops from the best Gaming Laptop reviews. The prerequisite here is, of course, that the housing is large enough and thus provides enough space for two hard disks.


What brings the best graphics card, if the screen supports only a very low resolution and in the theory extremely detailed graphics and smooth edges still look pixellated – exactly, nothing! Accordingly, the screen should very good. After all, it is the part of the laptop you look at all the time. So be careful if you buy a Cheap Gaming Laptop and control its features.

Cheap Gaming Laptop

Tip: Make sure that the screen installed in your desired device supports at least a Full HD resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. Also, the selected diagonal should not too small. This also makes the device overall larger and heavier.

But it is also not so hard for the eyes to stare on the display for hours. As a rule,we recommend a screen diagonal of at least 15 inches ,to concentrate as good as possible the game and forget the environment.

Two different panel types are typical for displays: TN and IPS. IPS offers a very good contrast value and a particularly good visibility of the displayed content from oblique viewing angles. This is usually not so important while gaming. TN displays are, however, cheaper and, above all, quick to react – very important in gaming and the favorite in just about every review what is about a Cheap Gaming Laptop. ESporters, who are active in particularly fast games such as the CounterStrike shooter, swear to a TN panel because of the short reaction times. This is Our Tip for you to find the best Gaming Laptop.

Sound Card


The sound card is not really high demands. Normally, the normal onboard sound of the main board of a device is enough also on a Cheap Gaming Laptop.

Much more important is the use of good headphones, which in the best case should equipped with a microphone as a headset for voice chats. Its also enough for the best Gaming Laptop.

Keyboard,Housing and Cooling

Keyboards from Gaming Laptops usually stand out from the keyboards of “normal” laptops. Lighting in striking colors, very good response times and particularly stable processing of the keys most often used in gamers are part of the classic portfolio of devices in a the best Gaming Laptop Reviews.

Laptop Keyboard

Laptop Keyboard It is also useful to look at added gaming buttons for makings with macros. This is also a review criterion in many Gaming Laptop reviews.

The housings of the best Gaming Laptop are usually distinguished from the gray uniform of office laptops. Black housings in a stealth look, bright colorful colors and lighting are not a rarity here. All this is surely a matter of taste, but – as the frequent Best Gaming Laptop Review show – normal.

Much more important than the exterior is ventilation of the housing. In any case, make sure that the device has enough ventilation slots. The high-graphics card does not only have to ventilate the CPU in the gaming laptop, which makes the devices look a bit thicker and chunkier than its slim office colleagues.

Adequate cooling is very important as the components installed in the smallest space can generate a lot of heat due to the enormous load, as some of the best Gaming Laptop Reviews show us. Therefore, good cooling is vital to avoid loud fans, but still do not risk the emergency shutdown of the laptop in the decisive boss fight or even a hardware defect.

This aspect is also very important and a central part when you want to buy the best Gaming Laptop.

Buying Guide : Highend or Beginner Device

Before you buy a new gaming laptop, of course, is a crucial question, how high is your available budget. In general, it is not a good idea to save money at the wrong place, we recommend to invest in quality and in the Best Gaming Laptop.

Laptop Buying GuideBecause what brings a new gaming laptop, if its performance is simply not enough for the games you favored? A budget of around 400 to 600 Dollars is already enough for entering the world of notebooks and laptops. Also in terms of a Cheap Gaming Laptop, you can not expect too much at this Budget. For a really good and Cheap Gaming Laptop you have to invest a little more to come .

Where to buy the best Gaming Laptop?

Gamers usually belong to the younger generation and have grown up with the Internet. So what is closer, a new gaming laptop – the reviews recommend you, of course, to the top riders from the respective gaming laptop buying guide- on the net. Because the stationary trade is usually more oriented to “normal” notebooks and has often only very little good and Cheap gaming laptop in stock. So if you want to buy the best Gaming Laptop and also a Cheap Gaming Laptop we recommend you to buy it Online.

Laptops online kaufen

There is a huge selection when you buy Gaming Laptops Online. And most devices are there even cheaper to get. The Reviews of the best Gaming Laptop recommend the branch prism among the online shops, the well-known Amazon. The online shopping giant not only offers top prices, but often also a free shipping.

In addition, nearly everyone already has an account, so online ordering the best Gaming Laptop for your games is done quickly and easily without annoying registration.